Insult to injury

Even with pending litigation and multiple allegations against them, MGM Awards TMS Supplier of the Year

Journalist Jeanette Lenoir reached out and spoke with individuals including Tobias Thornwel. Click here to read the results of that meeting.
In Summary, Tobias Thornwell lied and indicated that he had never requested Falisa Peoples to clean his home. Please click here to review the text messages from Tobias and Mrs. Peoples regarding this matter. Note that Mrs. Peoples felt obligated to comply to Mr. Thornwell’s request to clean his home because of his position with MGM.
ePa reached out to Brenda and Elleck Taylor but both declined to provide comment for this report.
Brenda Taylor stated, “I have to run this interview request by my attorney first,” but did not respond to
follow-up communications. MGM officials contacted for this report include, Kenyatta Lewis, Executive
Director, Supplier Diversity & Sustainable Procurement, MGM Resorts International, Global Procurement;
Dorothy Gonzalez, Director of Stewarding at MGM National Harbor; Richard A. Tabuteau, Maryland
Lobbyist representing businesses and organizations before the Governor’s Office and General Assembly
on legislative, regulatory, and procurement matters. They have not responded to multiple requests for
statements. Also contacted are Nancy Hines, former Construction Controller, MGM National Harbor;
Mirinda Jackson, MBE Certification, Prince George’s County; Major F. Riddick, former Chief
Administrative Officer of Prince George’s County who was also unsuccessful in his attempts to resolve
the dispute between the co-owners of TaylorMade Solutions, LLC and MGM officials. Hines provided ePa
an interview, included on the video report.

ePa reached out to Brenda and Elleck Taylor but both declined to provide comment for this report.
When reached by phone, Tobias Thornwell, Sr. Strategic Sourcing Manager, MGM Harbor stated that
he had no knowledge of the lawsuit filed by FLP Global. When asked if he ever used TaylorMade
Solutions, LLC to clean his personal residence before the Peoples were stripped of their ownership
of the company, something he was accused of doing by plaintiff in the lawsuit, Thornwell said,
“absolutely not. It would be a conflict of interest.”
However, text messages provided by Peoples between herself and Tobias indicate otherwise:

ePa interview with Tobias Thornwell, Sr. Strategic Sourcing Manager, MGM Harbor: [TOBIAS VIDEO] Mirinda Jackson, Prince George’s County MBE Compliance Officer is one of many officials who tried but has thus far failed to bring about a resolution between MGM and the dueling MBE business partners. Other elected officials from the state and Prince George’s County have also tried to intervene without any luck. The buck seemed to have stopped at Thornwell’s office, who according to Peoples-Tittle, refuses to budge on his decision to only employ the Taylor’s as sole owners of TaylorMade Solutions, LLC, despite records showing the fraudulent seizure of Peoples-Tittle’s share of the company. Jonathan Butler, Chair of the MGM Oversight Committee stated that the dispute between the owners of TaylorMade Solutions is outside of his jurisdiction and added that he was unaware of the dispute or the lawsuit. When reached by phone, Tobias Thornwell, Sr. Strategic Sourcing Manager, MGM Harbor stated he has no knowledge of the dispute or the lawsuit filed by FLP Global Services, LLC against TaylorMade Solutions, LLC, saying, “I’m not aware of any lawsuits.” Asked if he was familiar with the plaintiff, Falisa Peoples, Tobias stated, “I know who that person is but I also know thousands of suppliers.” When pressed further about TaylorMade Solutions status at MGM National Harbor, Thornwell said, “I am aware who TaylorMade Solutions is, [and] I will make a note that they are an excellent vendor, they’re an excellent supplier. They’ve been working with us since we first opened our building and they are currently enrolled as mentees in our mentorship program, and they continue to excel and succeed as a company. TaylorMade Solutions is an amazing company.” When asked if he ever used TaylorMade Solutions to clean his personal home, Thornwell, after a long pause, stated, “not that I’m familiar with.” When pressed to explain further he said, “I’ve used housekeepers to clean my home and other rental properties I have but not that I’m familiar with, in terms of who’s done it.” When asked about the potential of a conflict of interest pertaining to cleaning services rendered to him, Thornwell stated, “Now, has one of my contractors reached out for rental properties, I have no idea. I own properties throughout Maryland, so I have no idea.” Thornwell added that it would be a conflict of interest if he had reached out to TaylorMade Solutions for cleaning services to be completed at his personal home, an allegation he vehemently denies. However, text messages and emails provided by Peoples between herself, and Thornwell indicate otherwise: