Various Communications of individuals who wanted to remedy the situation on Falisa Peoples behalf

including a request to potential find Falisa People’s another opportunity with MGM

Click here to review communications from a number of individuals who wanted to remedy the situation on Falisa Peoples behalf including a request to potential find Falisa People’s another opportunity with MGM due to her amazing work ethic and business relationship she’s fostered with the organization over the years. No documented reason was ever provided as to why she was removed from MGM. Verbally, the only reason why that was presented was something that Brenda and Elleck Taylor said but had no evidence Falisa Peoples wrongdoing.

Nancy Hines contacts emails and calls the following executives at MGM:
Jorge Perez – SVP Finance & CFO – MGM Resorts Regional Operations
Max Fisher – General Manager at MGM Resorts International


From: “Nancy L. Hines” <[email protected]>
Date: August 11, 2020 at 5:06:00 PM EDT
To: [email protected][email protected]
Subject: Re:  Taylor Made

Hello Max, Jorge,
Hope you’re doing well. Healthy and safe.
I have been contacted by Falisa Peoples, an equal partner of TaylorMade, a cleaning contractor who carries a Master Service Agreement with MGM National Harbor. I believe they contacted me because I personally assisted Falisa to gather MBE requirements from the county’s website back in 2015, she successfully formed a company of which was later awarded a contract with MGM National Harbor.

I believe they have been in talks with Tobias, Falisa believes that conversations were conflicting with the good relationship they once had between equal partner and MGM.

Nonetheless, I suggest for MGM to listen to her and her lawyer and help the small business of theirs, as mediator perhaps, and end a lawsuit that it seems that started a year ago. I don’t think Tobias might have included you, Max, on those conversations, otherwise this would have ended a year ago.  

I still believe that the heart core and essence of MGM assisting small businesses like theirs, is still the main goal, now more important than ever. A pandemic like this, is bringing us all into one single platform, with no distinctions. So, please arrange a call with Falisa and her lawyer, as they have sent a note to Max and counsel this past Monday.

Falisa is a government employee with an extensive network, not only in Maryland but also in D.C.

Please mediate with both equal partners and perhaps bring an end to this costly lawsuit of theirs.

Thank you both,

Nancy Hines
(702) 400-0369

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August 17, 2020

Call w/Jeff Shrader, MGM Vice President and Legal Counsel, Antonio Reynolds, Counsel for FLP, asking for reconsideration of FLP, expressed violations and other items brought to MGMs executives. We were informed by Jeff that MGM was pleased with the services of TMS, and they were not inserting themselves in this matter. On behalf of Jeff Shrader.docx

August 2020

From: “Nancy L. Hines” <[email protected]>
Date: August  21, 2020 at 9:14:00 AM EDT
To: [email protected][email protected]
Subject: Re:  Taylor Made

On Aug 21, 2020, at 9:14 AM, Nancy L. Hines <[email protected]> wrote:


Good morning Max, Jorge:

Last Tuesday, Falisa Peoples called to tell me that she didn’t receive the support she was hoping on Monday’s call. Instead, MGM counsel made her feel that MGM wasn’t going to meddle into the ongoing discrepancies between her and her equal partner. No one from operations was at that meeting, why using only legal representation if counsel wasn’t even a witness to the tremendous amount of effort it took to get MBEs on board back in 2015. I was hoping for a sense of empathy towards small businesses like hers with limited resources to continue their legal battle. 

Nonetheless, Falisa will continue with her pursue for fairness treatment and possibly call me as a witness, to testify in D.C.

It is sad to hear that with all the legal resources MGM has, we couldn’t find the time to call both partners and assist them to resolve and honor their agreement. If you find time to speak with Falisa, her lawyer and possibly their partner on master agreement, together, please do so. 

In the middle of my already hectic work schedule and school, I have now to make arrangements to considering traveling to D.C.

I really hope you make this right, and find a suitable and workable agreement for all parties affected. They don’t want to lose business with MGM, specially during these difficult times, but also, they look for respect, fair treatment and acceptance as a minority vendor they’re.


Thank you both,


Nancy Hines 


October 2020

Major Riddick, Prince George’s County Chief Administrator Officer (CAO), calls Kerry Watson, MGM Executive, to discuss the lawsuit explaining to him what MGM had done and asking again for MGMs and his help either providing FLP with contract opportunities or allowing FLP back onsite. Kerry states to Major Riddick “because there are a bunch of lawsuits costing hundreds of millions of dollars because the contract was with her partners company, the issue become a partner fight and not MGMs”


Depositions and preparation for trial. Trial delayed a year and half due to covid. Trial to supposed to be 2021, moved to September 2023.


While waiting for trial, several outreaches to Prince George’s County officials asking for assistance with MGM to no avail.  Senator Ron Watson, Delegate Marvin Holmes, Aisha Braveboy, States Attorney for Prince George’s County, and County Executive Angela Alsobrooks’ office. 

December 2022

Journalist Jeanette Lenoir reached out and spoke with individuals including Tobias Thornwel. Click here to read the results of that meeting. 

In Summary, Tobias Thornwell lied and indicated that he had never requested Falisa Peoples to clean his home. Please click here to review the text messages from Tobias and Mrs. Peoples regarding this matter. Note that Mrs. Peoples felt obiligated to comply to Mr. Thornwell’s request to clean his home because of his position with MGM. 

ePa reached out to Brenda and Elleck Taylor but both declined to provide comment for this report. 

Brenda Taylor stated, “I have to run this interview request by my attorney first,” but did not respond to 

follow-up communications. MGM officials contacted for this report include, Kenyatta Lewis, Executive 

Director, Supplier Diversity & Sustainable Procurement, MGM Resorts International, Global Procurement; 

Dorothy Gonzalez, Director of Stewarding at MGM National Harbor; Richard A. Tabuteau, Maryland 

Lobbyist representing businesses and organizations before the Governor’s Office and General Assembly 

on legislative, regulatory, and procurement matters. They have not responded to multiple requests for 

statements. Also contacted are Nancy Hines, former Construction Controller, MGM National Harbor; 

Mirinda Jackson, MBE Certification, Prince George’s County; Major F. Riddick, former Chief 

Administrative Officer of Prince George’s County who was also unsuccessful in his attempts to resolve 

the dispute between the co-owners of TaylorMade Solutions, LLC and MGM officials. Hines provided ePa 

an interview, included on the video report.  

ePa reached out to Brenda and Elleck Taylor but both declined to provide comment for this report. 

When reached by phone, Tobias Thornwell, Sr. Strategic Sourcing Manager, MGM Harbor stated that 

he had no knowledge of the lawsuit filed by FLP Global. When asked if he ever used TaylorMade 

Solutions, LLC to clean his personal residence before the Peoples were stripped of their ownership 

of the company, something he was accused of doing by plaintiff in the lawsuit, Thornwell said, 

“absolutely not. It would be a conflict of interest.” 

However, text messages provided by Peoples between herself and Tobias indicate otherwise:


ePa interview with Tobias Thornwell, Sr. Strategic Sourcing Manager, MGM Harbor:

Mirinda Jackson, Prince George’s County MBE Compliance Officer is one of many officials who tried
but has thus far failed to bring about a resolution between MGM and the dueling MBE business
partners. Other elected officials from the state and Prince George’s County have also tried to
intervene without any luck. The buck seemed to have stopped at Thornwell’s office, who according
to Peoples-Tittle, refuses to budge on his decision to only employ the Taylor’s as sole owners of
TaylorMade Solutions, LLC, despite records showing the fraudulent seizure of Peoples-Tittle’s share
of the company. Jonathan Butler, Chair of the MGM Oversight Committee stated that the dispute
between the owners of TaylorMade Solutions is outside of his jurisdiction and added that he was
unaware of the dispute or the lawsuit.


June 2023

Brenda knew we were heading to trial in July 2023 (the original trial date); however, she formed a new (shell) company, TaylorMade Solutions Group, the month before the trial. 

Very important document to show MGM. Since they started working with her new company. 

MGM started working with her new company. 

Maryland DOT – Certification of TMS Group June 2023 Brenda Taylor MBE
August 2023

Even with pending litigation and multiple allegations against them, MGM Awards TMS Supplier of the Year

September 25, 2023

 MGM and Tobias Thornwell, VP of Procurement, appear in court as a witness to the defendants Brenda and Elleck Taylor of TMS and MGM testifies against Falisa Peoples. Note that for years MGM indicated that they will stay out of the legal affairs however, their VP of Procurement of procurement took the stand on behalf of Brenda and Elleck Taylor. This action made it abundantly clear that MGM co-conspired against Falisa Peoples and worked with Brenda and Elleck to not only have her removed from access to MGM unjustifiable but from the business all together.

September 26, 2023

 A jury of their peers awards a judgment in favor of Falisa Peoples against Brenda and Elleck Taylor for over 1 million dollars. Which means the Taylors loss the case proving once again that MGM unjustifiability removed the wrong business partners with absolutely no evidence of wrong doing.

October 2023 to presentBrenda and Elleck Taylor form several shell companies to evade paying judgment. Several steps of deceitful conduct by MGM and Brenda Elleck Taylor to avoid payment of judgment including supporting them with changing bank and business information.
January 2024

PNC closes TaylorMade Solutions LLC account due to multiple overdrafts, etc. All parties are responsible for paying money back to PNC, however it was Brenda and Elleck Taylor who caused the overdraft and MGM’s removal of the business account which supported their actions.

Brenda and Elleck opened new bank accounts under TaylorMade Solutions Group. MGM is still supporting this illegal action even though they are fully aware of the multiple infractions, civil and criminal violations and they still refused to hold Brenda and Elleck accountable while causing immense financial and emotional damage to Falisa Peoples, who to date has not been accused of any wrong doing. 

March 2024Brenda and Elleck Taylor attempted to dissolve TaylorMade Solutions LLC, by FALSIFYING state records stating that the company owes no creditors. (see attached)