Essentials Plan

Experience the Power of Proactive Maintenance with WP SitePlan Essentials, our Core Offering for Your WordPress Website Needs.

Enhance Your WordPress Site with our Essentials Plan: Comprehensive Maintenance

If your website is fairly static and doesn’t require regular content changes, or if you don’t have a team to manage these updates, the Essentials Plan is a perfect fit. It’s specifically tailored for WordPress sites that are not frequently updated but still need consistent, proactive maintenance. This ensures smooth operation and continuous availability. WP SitePlan’s experts will handle all the behind-the-scenes work to maintain your website’s peak performance, freeing you from the hassle. It’s an excellent choice for anyone seeking proactive maintenance without the need for frequent reactive updates.

Plan Features

Choosing our Essentials Plan is a commitment to dependable performance and consistent site maintenance. Here are the primary features that come with this plan:

WordPress Backups

Our service includes regular backups of your website, safeguarding its data and providing protection against unforeseen events.

WordPress Maintenance

Consistent maintenance is crucial for a smoothly running website. We take care of all updates, optimizations, and routine checks to ensure your site operates efficiently.

WordPress Performance

Ensuring a quick and responsive website is key to an excellent user experience. We conduct ongoing performance assessments and optimizations to maintain your site at its best condition.

Enhance Your WordPress Site with our Essentials Plan: Comprehensive Maintenance

The Essentials Plan encompasses our renowned Security Add-On, an extensive security package crafted to safeguard your website against various threats. It encompasses:
The Essentials Plan is offered at an affordable rate of only $59 monthly for each website, providing top-notch maintenance services without straining your budget. Keep in mind that each domain needs its own individual plan. It’s important to note that while the Essentials Plan covers comprehensive proactive maintenance, it doesn’t include access to our help desk support add-on. Opting for Essentials is a decision to invest in the sustained performance and security of your WordPress site. Don’t settle for less in maintaining your site – protect your online presence now with Essentials.

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