Falisa Peoples was unable to secure a meeting with Tobias Thornwell

sought assistance from Prince George’s County Administrator to obtain formal meeting with MGM

TaylorMade Solutions LLC Business Partner (50% Owner), Falisa Peoples was unable to secure a meeting with Tobias Thornwell and sought assistance from Prince George’s County Administrator to obtain formal meeting with MGM
December 7, 2019, a meeting was granted with the help of Major Riddick, previous County Administrative Officer (CAO). In attendance from MGM were the following:

  • Tobias Thornwell
  • Augustine Max (Tobias informed me that Augustine was MGM counsel)
  • Mirinda Jackson
  • Major Riddick
  • Falisa Peoples Result of meeting
  • Falisa was informed that the lawsuit was a personal matter between the partners and any issues related to the lawsuit was a matter between the partners and not MGM.
  • credentials were no longer valid at MGM and that I was “fired” from my partners and once I left MGM my badge was no longer valid and I had been removed from the vendors/contractors list.
  • Tobias further stated although my name was listed in the contract, I had no rights based on his conversation with Brenda Taylor.
  • Falisa Peoples provided MGM with partnership agreement, operating agreement, resolution drafted by TMS to remove FLP as a partner (that had NOT been executed), and tax documents showing Falisa Peoples was in fact a 50% owner.
  • Falisa requested a formal letter outlining the reasons for her treatment when she hasn’t done anything wrong and was not in violation with MGM. Although it was stated that one will be provided, it was to date never sent.

3rd attempt to report- December 10, 2019
Falisa Peoples contacts Tobias Thornwell and request a reconsideration that will allow her back onsite. Falisa went over all of the concerns again and explained that she is a 50% owner of TaylorMade Solutions, LLC and should not have been removed from MGM if Brenda wasn’t. She explained that Brenda was upset that the consultants revealed their mismanagement, and that the partnership attorney informed them they would need to remove their son from the premises since there was a concern of his drug use and the OSHA issues raised in the meeting. Tobias Thornwell reiterated to Falisa Peoples that she was “fired” based on his call with Brenda Taylor even though Brenda can’t firer a 50% owner, but since she was a 50% owner MGM would send her a letter to explain their position. Tobias Thornwell then said he was sorry and said he would be happy to provide Falisa Peoples with a recommendation letter from MGM, however, in the December meeting this same representative indicated that Falisa will be removed from the vendor list. If she did such a great job to get a recommendation, why would she be removed from the vendors list?

Tobias also informed Falisa Peoples that the EIN was going to be changed in their system which was the first time Falisa Peoples learned that Brenda Taylor was attempted to change the company in MGM’s system which she worked so hard to get.

December 11, 2019, Falisa Peoples travels to Las Vegas to MGM’s corporate office for meeting with Kenyatta Lewis, Executive Director Supplier Diversity & Sustainable Procurement to discuss same issues raised with Tobias Thornwell and other MGM personnel @ MGM National Harbor – drug use, OSHA, payroll fraud, etc. and was informed our issues were National Harbor MGM and their wasn’t anything MGM Vegas could assist with.
Falisa files lawsuit against TaylorMade Solutions, LLC business partners Brenda and Elleck Taylor.
3rd attempt to request documentation and financial records from Kenyatta Lewis and to date nothing has been supplied to Falisa Peoples.